Top 5 Ps4 Game Rumors For Linux

After launching the Steam platform on systems other than Windows, one can
notice a huge production spill on the other two leading operating systems, i.e. OS
X and Linux. In this Top 5, I decided to look at the productions that I consider to
be the best of the genre and natively available for the given operating system.
Unfortunately, two of them are not currently available on Steam, but this may
change. I assure you that strength is in Penguin! I invite you to see those
game rumors.

5. Champions of Regnum
Former Regnum Online, one of the first major PS4s that came to the system signed
with a nice penguin. At one time a very niche and rather rated average PS4RPG,
which over the years has developed to become quite a good, but still not a very
popular product, which is a pity … As in many game rumors of this type, the most
important element is PVP, whose formula refers to RvR known from the Dark Age
of Camelot. Not only PvP, but the gameplay and mechanics are very similar to the
original. An undemanding hardware item that I recommend checking out if we’re
going to become a Linux follower.

4. Star Conflict / War Thunder
A space ship simulator, whose biggest plus is PVP. The gameplay is very similar
to War Thunder, where the selected ship is raised higher by subsequent levels in
the development tree, we armories, strengthen the plot, etc. The same is true with
War Thunder, but with planes. Both products are relatively very similar to each
other, but there are a few differences that I will leave you to discover. With good
equipment, graphically, there is nothing to attach to, except maybe sometimes
strange control or navigation in 3D space, which is only a matter of habit.

3. Wakfu / Dofus
Both titles are very similar to each other in terms of gameplay, graphics, as well as
classes and races. They differ in release date and number of players, although
Dofus is not too far behind. Based on Flash / Java (Wakfu) technology, making
them available on every major PC system. Many accuse Dofus of his archaic approach to P2P, which is like an infinite free trial (I’ll WoW). Simply put, we use the benefits of the game to a certain point, and later, to develop the character, subscription fees are required. On the other hand, the barricade is Wakfu, offering total freedom at no cost, except for IS, and will I leave P2W for your assessment.

2. Tibia
A legend game whose splendor in our country, according to some, has long gone.
Sharp grind, heavy and demanding PvP, but also “miserable” graphics still having
an incomparable spell for many players, whose adventure with this PS4 has never
ended. The native client available on the manufacturer’s website fires without a
problem, although it works only on 32-bit systems (on average 2gb of ram in the
set), which for the hardware requirements of this item and its lovers will not be an
obstacle to comfortable playing. For 64-bit owners, I recommend Wine and the
client for “windows”.

1. Runescape

Undividedly, first place in the entire ranking because it is native on every system.
All you need is a browser, Java and time to play and develop or cash for an optional subscription. A game that has been ruling the world via WWW for many years, and in my opinion is the best example of multiplatform offered by modern gameplay. A classic that we can’t pass by indifferently It is time to finish this short topic of five PS4s that are worth checking on Linux.

Of course, there are many, many more, although the ones I mentioned are the most
popular and have been around for the longest time of all. Of course, there are
Eternal Lands, but I wouldn’t call it a good PS4. Let me know in the comments
what your thoughts and experiences about playing PS4 on Linux are. For my part, I
can say that I have tested all of the listed game rumors and I have no complaints
(apart from what I mentioned in Tibia). And even WoW using Wine is a