France’s national hero and hero of the Hundred Years’ War, Joan of Arc . Although it seems a bit vain,  he was born as a daughter of a farmer in eastern France and is known to have participated in the war after receiving the revelation of God to save the country one day Why pay whatever lead time beonbeonhi England and was defeated in the Hundred Years War between France fought with heroic drama plays of Joan of Arc, such as reversing victory  was able to triumphantly in most battles .

It’s a different age, a different topic, but based on the story of Joan of Arc, how about revisiting the market economy and business companies today? Today’s business organizations also cry out for corporate innovation on the battlefield of infinite competition, but often fail. Everyone wants to win the market with innovative products and services like Apple, Airbnb and Uber, but it’s not easy. Is it so difficult to innovate this company because we don’t have talent like Joan of Arc or because we haven’t received divine revelation?

Enterprise transformation through data, how to start?

Here’s the key to winning a company’s victory without talents like God’s Revelation or Joan Dark Needless to say both   data yijiyo’ No leader will deny that data drives innovation Netflix, which offers an innovative video streaming services based on data analysis of thorough user experience (Netflix),  through the inventory management system through the big data innovation, new product failure rates based on the small quantity batch production method  1% fashion brand Zara recorded a (ZARA)  , etc. This is a representative example of corporate innovation through data If not an obvious foreign cases  the data in recent years after the founding of the inorganic  second ahead of retail companies in the dinosaurs in the early morning food market, but shipping industry,  one can also practice achieves the above A pioneer in the distribution industry’s dawn delivery with 50 million increase in sales and 2 million members in  4 years of  launch  This is Market Curly .