share you wifi without password

Share Wifi without Password

Its very Old saying Don’t Talk to Strangers same goes for Don’t Reveal your Wifi password. But Still, whenever we get visitors the first thing they ask for is your wifi password. Here is the trick of how to Share Wifi without Password revealing.

Share Wifi without Password

However, the Internet is everywhere and something we just can’t ignore. It’s our need to stay connected 24/7 whether at work, Party, Event or travelling. And while mobile data is what most of us use, many times we also need Wi-Fi access. So often, we mostly want to Share Wifi without Password of our home broadband access with friends or family members visiting. Same happens in your case when you go to a public place or at someone else’s house. This may mean sharing or asking for Wi-Fi password, which may not always be a great idea.

QR Code for Wifi Sharing

Share Wifi without Password

As a solution, we can now share the password as a QR code, This is how you can Share Wifi without Password, something that not only makes the entire process quick and easy but also prevents revealing the exact password. All users need to do is to scan the QR code to directly get connected to the Wi-Fi.

So how can you Share Wifi without Password using QR codes? It’s simple for both Android and iOS users. Just follow these steps:

Sites: qrstuff   Zingpost 

Step 1: Visit any of the two websites and chose the option ‘WiFi Network’ or ‘WiFi Login’.

Step 2: In the ‘SSID’ section type the name of the Wi-Fi network.

Step 3: Type the password in the dedicated section.

Step 4: Chose the network type. Usually, Wi-Fi here is ‘WPA’.

Step 5: Click on Generate and download the QR code.

Once downloaded, you can keep the soft copy or take out a print of the QR code for everyone to simply scan it and connect. Apple iPhone users can simply open the camera app and point it to the QR Code. This will show a prompt to ‘Join’ the network.