What is residential environment improvement project?

A project that is carried out to improve the residential environment in areas where urban low-income residents live collectively and where maintenance infrastructure is extremely poor and there are too many old and poor buildings.

Target area
  • Areas with 50% or more of obsolete and defective buildings, such as unlicensed buildings built before June 6, 1985
  • An area restricted to development, where the number of defective buildings in the area before the designation is 50% or more
  • Areas where 50% or more of the land area owners and 50% of the land owners do not want to implement the housing redevelopment project.
  • Areas where demolition residents have settled over 50 households, or areas with poor infrastructure and poor living conditions due to excessive population.
  • Areas where old and poor buildings are concentrated and cannot function as a residential area, or the city’s aesthetics are significantly damaged.
Business implementation method
  • How the mayor/munitioner newly installs or expands maintenance infrastructure in the maintenance area and owners such as land improve their homes
  • A method by which the mayor, the county, or the Housing Corporation accepts all or part of the maintenance area and builds a house to supply it to the owners of land first.
  • Method of supply by the mayor, military or housing corporation to foreign exchange
Business operator

With the consent of more than two-thirds of the owners of the land, etc. as of the notification date of the designation of the maintenance area, the mayor and the county may directly implement it or designate housing construction as the project operator. If enforcement is required, the mayor or the county may directly execute the housing without prior consent or designate housing construction as the implementer.

Housing supply
Rental of national and public lands for the construction of rental housing

When the mayor, county, or housing corporation builds a residential environment improvement project or a rental housing in a housing redevelopment area, it is possible to rent domestic and public land in the business district.

Disposition of public and public lands
  • Domestic and public lands within the residential environment improvement area are conferred free of charge
  • In the case of selling a national or public land in a residential environment improvement area, it is sold to the occupant or user at 80% of the evaluation amount (based on the public notice of the project execution authorization).
Business Implementation Procedure
  1. Establishment of basic plans for urban and residential environment maintenance (Seoul Metropolitan City)
    • Public Residents (14 days or more)
    • Listening to the opinion of the local council
    • Listening to the opinion of the local council
  2. Maintenance planning and maintenance specified application areas (the Mayor)
    • Public Residents (14 days or more)
    • Listening to the opinion of the local council
  3. Establishment of maintenance plan and designation
    of maintenance area (regarding establishment of district unit plan) (mayor)

    • Local city planning committee deliberation
  4. Designated as an implementer (Chief of the City Office)
    • 2/3 or more of land owners agree
  5. Is the project implemented
    (processing the agenda for other legal persons and permits) (Former Director)

    • Public Residents (30 days or more)
    • Consultation with related organizations such as architectural deliberation
  6. Land compensation
    • Temporary Acceptance or Migration
  7. Grounding
  8. Housing supply
  9. Completion and move-in