This is a project to assist the targeted people to find a stable life by providing housing restoration (home repair) to low-income families who have suffered fire.

Support target

  • Families who suffered fire among the elderly living alone, the boy and girl heads, low-income families, and other basic living beneficiaries and the upper middle class (less than 60% of median income).

Support content

  • Support Scale and Content by Fund
    • Low-income household disaster recovery support fund (supported by S-OIL)
      • Up to 7 million won per household (20% exceedable up to 8.4 million won)
      • Priority support for housing restoration work, and purchase of daily necessities possible (up to 2 million won)
    • 119 Seoul Love Fund (sponsored by the Seoul Metropolitan City Fire and Disaster Headquarters)
    • Up to 2 million won per household
    • Exceeding the construction amount of the low-income household disaster recovery support fund and
  • Supported Goods
    • Seoul Metropolitan Food Bank Center’s daily necessities support and food market cooperation
    • Purchasing household goods that reflect the needs of the targeted persons within the amount range based on the deliberation of the cooperative steering committee
      • Other matters 1 (2010 resolution)
        Housing repair and repair, and daily necessities can be provided when necessary, but manpower required for home repair is preceded (housing is possible).
      • Other matters 2 (Resolution in 2018) The
        119 Seoul Love Fund can provide additional support within a maximum of 2 million won, and it will be used to support the cost of construction or purchase of daily necessities that exceed the support for the low-income household fire damage recovery support project.

Selection method

Application method and inquiry

  • Available all year round
  • Inquiries: Seoul Social Welfare Council