Using hashtag Boasting your Campaign

A trick of Using Hashtag for boasting your Campaigns

Most Marketing Expert says that Using hashtags Related to Your Audience with your Instagram content can give a significant boost to your marketing efforts. These Hashtags allow you to have more reach organically in a relevant audience. Moreover, using hashtags on your posts also has a positive correlation with your engagement rates.

Research shows that using up to 9 hashtags per post increases the engagement rates per post. Don’t think that using more Hashtags will give you more exposure or more reach. Don’t overuse the Hashtags recommended. However, don’t go overboard and use more than 10 hashtags because that might have the opposite effect.

Using 9 Hashtags for Boasting your Campaigns

Using Hashtags for Boasting your Campaigns

Use Popular Industry Hashtags

The most recommended way is to use hashtags for promoting your Instagram content is to use relevant Hashtags from your Article or Niche. We all understand that Using Hashtags for Boasting your Campaigns but Also, ensure that you use relevant hashtags specific to each post as that will help you target the right audience who is interested in that topic.

Try to avoid using very generic hashtags that are usually flooded with posts. Instead, focus on more niche ones that are popular enough, but don’t have too much competition.

Create a Brand or Campaign Using Hashtag

Hashtag Usually turn into Viral Content. Another effective way to leverage hashtags to market your brand or campaigns is to create a brand or campaign-specific hashtag. The advantage of doing this is that you can use one hashtag to promote all types of content across Instagram. And, it also allows you to check the performance of your content from one place.

Below are the best practices to create and use your own hashtag:

  • Make it short and easy to remember.
  • Keep it relevant to a specific campaign or unique to your brand.
  • Use the hashtag for all your Instagram content related to that particular campaign (if it’s a campaign-specific hashtag).
  • Ask your audience to use that hashtag when reposting or sharing any of your content or participating in your contest.

Effective Use of Hashtags for Boasting your Campaigns

The Most effective use of Hashtag for boasting your campaigns is to use them properly. Below is the Example
#Instagramshoppingfeatures  (Wrong)

#InstagramShoppingFeatures (Correct)

Use of Capital Letter before the start of every word in the same Hashtag Helps to read word separately.