Class salary: Definition and timing

Half-monthly wages are pay cycles that are processed twice a month. It is usually processed on the 1st and 16th or 15th and 30th of the month. This results in 24 salaries per year (every other week, 26 salaries are executed each year). You can save money if your payroll service charges you for each payroll run.

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Payment method

Half-monthly wages are common pay periods used by salary workers. Payroll processing is processed twice a month (24 times a year), so you can save small businesses from the weekly payroll processing costs. However, only about 20% of businesses use associate salaries and are banned in some states. Some give employees who receive a semi-monthly wage salary a standard date for pay, allowing them to budget their bills to be processed on the same day of the month.

This is an example of a semi-monthly salary schedule paid the day after the payment period ends. If you are dealing with a half-price allowance, you can copy this table and modify it to fit the time frame and payment date for a specific pay period. If the business payday ends with a workday, you need to change the actual payday.