Can it be a criminal gadget’ in the smart era?

A Detective Gadget with memories that escaped the crisis by creating a propeller with an arm coming out of a stylish hat and flying the sky and falling off a cliff to function as a parachute.

The Dragon Ball’s two-sighted spectacles that measure the opponent’s intelligence and combat power when wearing glasses.

Things that I thought would only stop in imagination in cartoons are gradually becoming reality. The rapidly developing IT field is grafting with fashion, leading to innovation in new fields. It is just an imagination now, but in the near future, a trench coat flying in the sky may be developed. Is it 100% blatant? Does not matter.

Some people believed that 10 years ago, you could enjoy surfing the web or shopping with a palm-sized square machine. IPhone, iWatch on the wrist

Eye watch is a kind of’smart watch’ that has been discussed for a long time. Apple has filed a design patent for this, and is known to have plans to run various apps (applications and applications) on wristwatch-shaped devices with Apple’s operating system. Apple’s fleet doesn’t know the exact features, but foreigners expect the iWatch to be equipped with functions such as checking the time or weather, sending and receiving web searches, emails and texts, and checking blood pressure pulses. have. In particular, on March 4, Bloomberg reported on the details of “Apple has teamed up with 100 product designers to develop a watch-type device called an eye watch and will release the product within this year if possible.” did.

Everything is in front of you

Google GlassesGoogle lacked a smartphone, so it put the computer in its glasses. Searching the Internet is basic, and with a simple speech recognition technology, you can immediately take a picture or video of yourself and send it to your acquaintance. In addition, you can enjoy video calls by calling an acquaintance and video conferencing.

When driving, you can find your way through the turn-by-turn navigation function supported by Google Glasses, and you can easily solve your questions using the personal assistant’Google Now’. The smart glasses, already sold to developers for $1500, were offered at the same price to the recently recruited experience team.

Exercise makes fun with advanced technology

Nike fuel band

“It’s very boring.” The shoe speaks when the owner is not moving. But when he started to run, he said, “The movement is on fire. Call the fire truck.” Google recently introduced’speaking shoes’ following glasses. Bluetooth is built into the sneakers, so it can be connected to the user’s Android smartphone to transmit various messages through text or voice. It’s not just a joke.

These shoes also detect if the user wears sneakers, how much they jump, how fast they are moving, and even posts on social media.

If you focus on systematic exercise, the’Nike+’ running shoe is more efficient. The special equipment installed in the running shoe calculates the speed, distance, and calories burned by the user and transfers it to the iPod. It has the feature that you can accurately adjust and adjust the amount of exercise for the day.

Along with this, Nike also introduced a new concept bracelet that can measure momentum. This product, called’Fuel Band’, enters the momentum at a target value set by itself in the form of a wristband, and if it does not reach it, it maintains a red state and turns green when achieved. You can also convert your exercise amount to a score and share it with your friends through mobile apps or websites.