The scene of the robot bringing delivery food to the front door of the apartment will be realized in February next year.

3rd Delivery App’Era of Delivery’ Operators Elegant brothers signed a business agreement (MOU) with Hanwha E&C for robot delivery service on the 2nd, and Hanwha E&C’s new residential complex’Forena’ Yeongdeungpo’ was announced to be installed and operated.

Dili Tower is an indoor self-driving delivery robot that can deliver food or goods to the place where the orderer is located, by using several pre-entered travel routes. If you need to move between floors, you can call the elevator to get on and off on your own. When arriving, text and phone the orderer to inform you of the arrival.

| Elegant brothers delivery robot

Hanwha E&C’s’Forena Yeongdeungpo’ consists of 182 apartments and 111 officetels in 5 buildings, 5 stories underground and 30 stories above ground. When the rider puts food into the dili tower installed on the first floor of the apartment and inputs order information, it is operated by the dili tower delivered to individual households. Given the number of floors and households, the Deli Tower can deliver up to six deliveries per hour. If the tenants’ satisfaction with the pilot service is high, both sides will discuss full-scale commercialization.

The elder brothers expect that as the introduction of Dili Tower increases, it will be of great help to riders who have difficulty in delivering to high-rise apartment houses as well as customer convenience that prefers face-to-face delivery. It is said that the waiting time for entering a building or boarding an elevator disappears, making delivery work more efficient and comfortable.

According to the elder brothers, the delivery time of the riders was reduced by 5~16 minutes compared to the previous one when the Deli Tower pilot service was conducted in the headquarters building of the Songpa Bangi-dong on the 19th floor in October last year. In the case of a delivery app in China, an indoor delivery robot was introduced to reduce the delivery time of riders by 10 to 15 minutes per case.

Elegant brothers Yoon Hyun-jun, head of the new business division, said, “In the meantime, apartments such as apartments have high security and complex structures, so riders often have difficulties in delivery, and as a result, delivery time has increased.” “We plan to expand the supply of housing diaries and start pilot services in hotels and offices.”